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Are we that different?

National Exhibition Center

January to April 2020


the Ming Art Museum, Suzhou China

”Stroling around the world” Exhibition of painting of art photographs Zhou Jumin and Marcel Morin

New China is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its founding this year. To underline this milestone event, two artists - one Chinese, the other Canadian - have united their talents in an exhibition under the theme "Stroling around the world". While Zhou Jumin highlights the charm of Chinese painting, Marcel Morin offers to open up to a sensitive universe through photography.

An exhibition of 20 paintings by Zhou Jumin and 20 photos from the series “Are we so different?”

Suzhou Mingjia Art Museum
May 18 - June 2, 2019

Suzhou Literary and Art Circles Federation, Suzhou Artists Association and Ming Arts Museum organized the Marcel Morin Art Photographic Exhibition at the Ming Arts Museum of Ligongdi Cultural and Creative District, Suzhou , in China.

Coincidentally, under the arrangement of the director of the Ming Arts Museum, Mr. Yang Hui invited Canadian humanist photographer Marcel Morin. Marcel Morin tells the story of his street photographs and selects some of the works to share the history and meaning of these works with the Suzhou Photography Club. Marcel Morin gave his presentation in Mandarin and his humorous conversation occasionally elicited laughter and applause. From the selection of shooting equipment to the composition of the photo, including communication with the subjects of the street. The meticulous interaction of Marcel Morin and the atmosphere of the event reached their climax.

Ming Art Museum

Conference - Urban Photo

May 30, 2019

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