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Are we that different?

Gaetan l ange de montreal-MAR_3245

Gaétan, the Angel of Montreal - no.1

Claude  - no.2

A Lady from Ottawa - no.3

Jorge of Ottawa - no.4

On the steps of the church - no.5

Baba Bhokali  - no.6

Living on the track -The Mother - no.7

Living on the track -The little girl - no.8

Living on the track -The father - no.9

Street Vendor - no.10

Ms. Yao - no.11

The Water Carrier - no.12

Bouba the jazzman - no.13

The Brawler - no.14

Despair - no.15

The Thinker - no.16

Hi my friend - no.17

Woman in the street - no.18

The Old Lady of Suzhou - no.19

A Look Over Kolkata - no.20

Babou of Gadisa lake - no.21

Pure soul  - no.22

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